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Stock Storage and Rotation Procedure

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Battery Servicing

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Proper Stock Management and rotation procedure are essential to ensure only first class stock is presented for sale to customers
1. Battery servicing can be carried out during vehicle servicing or
    during a normal refuelling stop. Routine servicing of the battery
    should include the following 
Stock-then upright in a cool place. do not store in direct sunlight. Charged batteries displayed in the sun will require recharge within 6-8 weeks.
2. Check for defective cables, loose connections, corrosion cracked
    cases or covers, loose hold downs and deformed or loose
    terminal posts.
Do not over stock as this will cause a rotational problem, and require additional battery service to maintain the battery in saleable condition


3. Where there is corrosion on the terminal posts or on hold down
    trays, it is recommended that the whole area be neutralised,
    cleaned and painted. This can be done using a wire brush, paint
    scraper and a solution of water and bicarbonate of soda
Procedure :
1. Check the open circuit voltage (OCV) of each battey every
    month and recharge it if below 12,4 volts (1.240 specific gravity)
2. Rotate stock an a "First in - First out" priciple. Place older
    batteries at the front of your display
4. Check the electrolyte level. If it is below the separator tops, add
    clean distilled or good quality water to bring it back to the correct
    level. Never overfill cells as this will cause corrosion.

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